Is There Alternative Cancer Treatment?

Alternative cancer treatment – is it possible? This is a question with many and always contradictory answers. It turns out that there are many patients in Germany who prefer alternative cancer treatment. And German healers assure that they can help cancer patients. Is that really true? And how true is that alternative medicine there is more effective than traditional medicine? Nearly half a million Germans suffer each year from one or another form of cancer. Although there has been considerable success in the past few years in the fight against this insidious disease, especially in the early stages, cancer remains a dangerous disease. In most cases, cancer treatment involves surgical intervention and chemotherapy courses, which in itself has a bad effect on the general condition of the patient and far from always guarantees success. Not trusting traditional medicine, fearing the side effects of chemotherapy or just desperate, some of the patients turn to alternative cancer treatment, herbalists, healers …
Alternative cancer treatment
Trusting only on alternative treatment, the patient loses precious time and eventually falls back into hospital, but it is now too late to be helped.

For several years, the healer known in Germany, Siegfried Reichard, tried to cure breast cancer of his own woman with apricot kernels, sodium chloride and homeopathic ointments. After her doctors diagnosed her cancer, her husband persuaded her to refuse their help, assuring her that she could help her. She ate up to 60 apricot kernels a day, but she did not feel any better. She experienced great pain, and Susanne eventually got into the hospital. As the Spigel-Online network reported, the hospital found that metastasis had already affected the lung.

 Alternative cancer treatment

“The main harm that attempts to treat cancer with alternative cancer treatment methods, refusing to the help of traditional medicine, is the loss of time, “experts stress. “Especially when it comes to such a form of disease that can be cured at an early stage,” explains the German Cancer Association spokeswoman Utah Hübner in an interview with Deutsche Welle. It can not be accurate to say how many Germans resort to alternative medicine services. Head of the department of oncology at the hospital “St. Maria “in Stuttgart Manfred Hoffman says that only for the last half year he has studied three patients who had been treated beforehand by a national healer. In all of them, the disease has plagued the organism to such an extent that it can no longer be a complete healing.

On the Internet, you can find numerous alternative cancer treatment methods. In lengthy detailed articles, the authors expose pharmaceutical companies and doctors, accusing them of plotting to squeeze more money from the patient and insurance companies. Often, non-traditional medicine representatives develop whole theories in confirming their only true healing methods. For example, Lothar Haynaise suggests that by taking and following the style and lifestyle of people who have overcome cancer, everyone can get rid of the disease without medication.
Alternative cancer treatment
Dr. Rick Herd Hammer assures that cancer is a protective response of the body to a specific emotional shock. According to his teachings, the cause of this shock must be discovered and overcome in order to save the man from the malignant tumor. Dr. Hammer considers his theory as scientific and has nothing to do with esotericism.

Utah Hübner analyzed together with her colleagues the various suggestions for alternative cancer treatment on the internet and concluded that many of them may seem perfectly reasonable and logical to the person. “Most often the healers explain the causes of oncological diseases very simply – says the expert. – Some assure that cancer is poison, which means that one has to cleanse his body. Others say that cancer has occurred because of severe stress, which means that the patient needs psychological training. ”

Among the followers of alternative cancer treatment, some substances are considered miraculous anti-cancer drugs. As well as Siegfried Reichard, many healers treat patients with apricot kernels and MMS – “Miracle Mineral Solution”, which is actually based on sodium chloride. Experts predict that these “drugs” are not only useless but also dangerous.

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment does not advise patients to eat more than two apricot kernels a day because their cores contain silicic acid (hydrogen cyanide). It can lead to severe poisoning and even death. Sodium chloride, mixed with the so-called “activator” citric acid, separates the poison gas chlorine dioxide, which usually bleaches the paper and disinfects the water. So now, the Federal Institute, controlling medicines and medical devices, has forbidden the sale of MMS. There is hardly any need to remind that there is no scientific evidence of the use of sodium chloride or apricot kernels in the treatment of oncological diseases.

However, the combination of different healing practices is praised by practitioners. When alternative cancer treatment methods are used together with classical, generally accepted healing courses, then we talk about the so- Complimented medicine. However, such a therapy approach should be coordinated with oncologists. Utah Hübner believes the combination of two methods is extremely useful to the patient. On the one hand, non-traditional practices often soften the side effects of chemotherapy. On the other hand, it is also necessary to mention the psychological effect. “If, for example, a patient prepares home-made healing teas, it will help him get rid of the sense of helplessness that often occurs with cancer patients,” said the expert.