Anticancer Substances – Unique Remedy Against Cancer from Dill and Parsley

Anticancer substances

Not long ago, scientists have discovered a way to obtain effective anticancer substances from molecules found in common parsley seeds and dill. Now the most important task for us is not so much finding new mechanisms to fight cancer, but also the improvement of the existing ones. We have developed a simple way to get glaciovin A and its structural analogues that slow the growth of cancer cells from inexpensive plant yeast, “said Alexander Kiseljov of the Moscow Institute of Physiology, quoted by RIA Novosti.

 anticancer substances

Chemotherapy, by which doctors destroy cancer cells, acts in two ways – or damages the DNA of cancer cells, causing them to self-destruct or hinder their growth and division. The second method is increasingly preferred because it does not cause new, more aggressive cancer cells to emerge due to mutations in their genome.

Preparations of this type, so-called Antimitotics, break down tubulin – some of the major protein cells that are vital to the division. Similar substances are produced both synthetically and from the tissues of some tropical plants.

 anticancer substances

Kiseljov and colleagues invented an inexpensive way to synthesize one of these anticancer substances, glaciovianin A, using compounds contained in large quantities in dill and parsley seeds. The Russian invention is much cheaper because of the use of a widespread plant preparation, as well as the reduction of the synthesis stages and the catalysts used.

In addition to glacian A, Russian chemists have also been able to synthesize its structural analogues to create new antimatters. Their anticancer effects have been tested in two ways: on sea urchin embryos and on human cancer cells.

 anticancer substances

The use of embryos of sea urchins, as scientists have said, is also their innovation, as their cells divide rapidly into the early stages of development and resemble the growth of cancer cells. If an antimitotic is added to their usual nutritional habitat, sea urchins begin to rotate, thus assessing the strength of the new preparations, their “tenacity” and side effects.

Scientists are of the opinion that there are two analogues of polysaccharide that are promising for use in medicine as anticancer substances. However, the best anti-rabies activity has its own Gravesianian A.

Because of the proven effectiveness of synthesized substances on human cancer cells and experimental animals, their creators are planning to continue testing on laboratory mice given human cancer cells.

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