Brain Cancer Can be Masked as a Migraine

Brain cancer in the elderly is much less common than the oncology of other organs. Half of all brain tumors are glioblastomas and gliomas. Tumor of the brain can be malignant and benign. However, both are dangerous because any tumor that grows in the cranial cavity can affect important nerves. If the benign tumor is not treated, it, as well as the malignant, shortens the life of the person. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are required in both cases. Naturally, benign tumors are easier to treat. And the most dangerous malignant tumor is glioblastoma. It evolves quickly, and at first it does not in any way imply itself. Moreover, the different types of gliomas have no clear boundaries, which is why impossible to cut ie. Complex treatment – both irradiation and medication – is required. The lightest benign tumor is the meningioma – it is available on the surface and is easily removed. It also rarely gives relapses.

Brain cancer

How Brain Cancer Is Recognized in an Early Stage?

It’s not easy to notice brain cancer at an early stage. The tumor of the brain can be seen only by magnetic resonance. When a headache is started, it means that the disease is already in a serious stage. In adults, the most common signs of brain tumors resemble “stroke” – tingling the arm or leg, facial symmetry is impaired. There are signs of serious circulatory disturbances unusual for a common migraine. Significant signs of brain formation – not necessarily malignant – may result in coordination of movements, vision, changes in blood pressure. Doctor-neurologist at primary examination may assess the dangers of these symptoms the important thing is to go to such a specialist in time, even if those signs seem insignificant to you. Sometimes it saves life.

Brain cancer

Can you say that cancer is a stress disease?

“Another myth – there is no direct correlation between brain cancer and stress. But there is no doubt that nervous overload and anxiety weaken our body, and on this basis, all illnesses arise more frequently and occur more severely. Protective forces can not resist the disease process. That is why, after 60 years of age, when the whole organism grows old and weak, cancer develops more often than in younger years.

Nowadays, oncological dis

Brain cancer

eases are found early and more and more people get healed. While 20-30 years ago both young and old were dying without knowing they had cancer. Now there is a lot of information and it is being discussed more and more actively.

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