Cancer Reason – The Malignant Degeneration of the Cells Begins with the Toxins

You need to know something very important – surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can destroy the tumor, but they can not eliminate the cause of its development. This means in practice that this cancer reason continues to work and may lead to the formation of a new tumor. In most cases, the cancer reason is the accumulation of toxins in the cells, and when this accumulation passes a certain limit, it comes to the mutation of the genes and their transformation into oncogenes, and hence to malignant degeneration of the cells.

Cancer Reason

However, this does not mean that toxins have accumulated only at the site of tumor formation. Other tissues of the body also exist, but they have not reached this critical limit, where malignancy is already developing.

This is why the following is often the case: patients who have undergone radical surgery, the tumor is removed, metastases are missing, or are removed after months, a year or more to develop a malignant process, just because somewhere else in the body this critical threshold of accumulation of toxins in the cells is passed. Very often cancer occurs in the bones, perhaps because there are some of the smallest blood vessels in the body and the bloodstream is the slowest. It is logical that the discovery of toxins from the cells will be the most difficult.

It is necessary to purify the body!

Purifying organisms from toxins and regulating the immune system to the point where it recognizes and kills cancer cells can be accomplished with the help of blue-green algae from Lake Klamath.

Blue-green algae will help you reduce the risk of developing various diseases, tackle various health problems, or significantly improve your health, as well as postpone aging and feel healthy and energetic.

Cancer Reason

The healing processes

The healing processes are set in our body. It has the ability to self-regenerate, regenerate, heal much more than what we have been supposed to do, and much more than what has been known from medicine so far. Algae are just a catalyst for these processes, the food the body needs in order to function in the best possible way.