Unexpected Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss causes

According to a recent large-scale poll, the fear of baldness is dominated by men. Psychologists explain it with the fact that for men this is equivalent to a loss of attractiveness in the eyes of women. Hair loss causes are various. Any reason, whatever it is, will trigger hair loss only after 3 months. The problem is that the phase of detachment of the hair from the follicle to its fall lasts for 90 days. And then: 90 days are needed for the newly-born hairs to move on the hair follicle. And if suddenly your hair begins to fall intensively, look for the cause of what happened 3 months ago.Hair Loss Causes

What can provoke hair loss?

Stress – one of the greatest hair loss causes

Can the psychological condition affect the hair? And you will answer yourself at once: Yes. Of course, permanent and long-term or short-term stress situations can cause massive hair loss. What treatment can be recommended in this case? Do not be nervous! It is easy to say, but it can still be achieved.

The way of eating

Another factor: food. Balance can lead to the deficiency of trace elements: selenium, manganese, iron, zinc, etc. Highlight foods that contain large amounts of the above items. Limit your medication. Often anti-cancer drugs cause hair loss.

Lack of water –hair loss causes

Another reason for a hair problem is the dehydration or poor quality of the water we drink. People stopped drinking water. This is a serious problem. Instead of water, they use tea or coffee, or toxic drinks (pepsi, car, sprite, phantas, beer, so-called “juice”, etc.). Normalize your water regime by drinking 1 to 2 liters of water per day, depending on the quality of the food you eat.

The presence of parasites in the human body – hair loss causes

The presence of parasitic fungal flora adversely affects the whole body, including hair. The fungal occupation of the human body flows quietly but confidently. We continue to buy bread with yeast, yoghurt, beer (to accelerate the process of its industrial fermentation added thermophilic yeast).

Stop using products thermophilic yeast, do not eat rotten bananas, although the offer of “promotion” and other fruits with fungus regularly undergo courses planned for decontamination.

Hair Loss Causes

Bad habits – hair loss causes

Such bad habits, such as walking in cold weather without a hat or with wet hair, the use of chemicals in different procedures at the hair salon dyeing hair dyes poor quality, frequent use of the dryer, are risk factors for the health of our hair. Consider with which of these bad habits you can divide.

Contaminated environment

We all suffer from the harmful impact of the environment! Particularly affected are the hair and scalp from the acid rain, from the heavy metals contained in the atmosphere.

One of the most negative hair loss causes may also be work related to radiation or chemical reagents.

Of the standard 12 groups for reasons, the following factors remain:

► heredity



►the way of life

Each of these hair loss causes – alone or in combination with others – can lead to baldness.

There are no fake magical elixirs against baldness in the world. You will have to eliminate the influence of all 12 causal groups.

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