Bronchial Asthma Natural Remedies – Top 3 Recipes

Bronchial asthma is allergic disease which manifests itselfmainly by bouts of suffocation. The major reason for this health problem is the accumulation of mucus in the bronchi. The typical medications used for asthma treatment hide specific risks for the health so many people look for bronchial asthma natural remedies to replace the prescribed medications. It is well known that great part of medications may act as allergens and provoke chocking. So here we have collected the top 3 recipes that will help you fight bronchial asthma.

Bronchial Asthma Natural Remedies

Recipe 1 – Bronchial Asthma Natural Remedies
Two heads of garlic and grated 5 lemons, pour in 1 l of water at room temperature, let them stay for 5 days, and then strain and take 1  tablespoon 5 times a day. Take it 20 minutes before having a meal.

Recipe 2  – Bronchial Asthma Natural Remedies
Mix one cup of crushed leaves of Aloe with 1 lemon peel and3 teaspoons of honey. Let the mixture stand for 7 days. Take it 40 minutes before having a meal, 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment is 40 days. After that have a rest for 10 days, and then repeat the course. The number of courses depends on the severity of the disease.

Recipe 3 – Bronchial Asthma Natural Remedies
For this recipe you have to smash 1 kg lemons, mix them with 1 kg of sugar, and 0.5 liters of vodka. Leave the sugar to dissolve. Put the mixture into a 3-liter jar and refrigerate. Take 1 tablespoon of this mixture 3 times a day, after having a meal. Take it for 30 days.

Bronchial Asthma Natural Remedies

Reasons for Bronchial Asthma

In the development of bronchial asthma plays a big part the condition of the central nervous system. People with unsustainable nervous system often suffer from bronchial asthma.

It is known that bronchial asthma sometimes develops under the influence of acute mental experience (mental trauma).

Sometimes the smell of roses provokes asthma attack.

For the development of bronchial asthma great importance has the increased sensitivity to certain substances – allergens (allergic reaction).

So bouts of bronchial asthma are caused by the smell of hay, certain flowers, wool, feathers, horse hairs and sweat, and also in the use of certain food products: fish, eggs, crabs, strawberries and etc.

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